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Experience the simple healing powers of Nature

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At Sage + Cedar Learning, we are passionate about the simple healing powers of nature. We're a small, native, and woman-owned company offering courses that explore the connection between health, wellness, and the outdoors. Our mission is to provide a unique experience combining traditional instructor-led learning with the power and energy of being outdoors—Mother Nature’s original classroom!


Sage + Cedar Learning provides an open and welcoming space for learners and instructors wanting to share nature-centered topics ranging from Indigenous plant medicine and camping hacks, to tinctures and smudging basics. Click below to see what's available or inquire about teaching.


Sage + Cedar Learning offers a variety of experiences. Learn how to cultivate indigenous medicinal plants, do yoga by campfire, take a cedar bath amongst the trees, and enjoy the yurt-inspired lodging. Your experience can be as rustic or upscale as you like. Click below to see what's available.

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Learn. Practice. Connect.


As a tribal member of the Brothertown Indian Nation, I bring 30+ years of indigenous experiences, teachings, and family heritage to the community. As an avid outdoors enthusiast, I bring 25+ years of experience with outdoor adventures/activities and nature-centered practices. 

Although influenced by many, my native grandmother is the key source for most of my tribal knowledge and practices. It is my belief that my indigenous roots are the reason for my deep connection and enjoyment of the outdoors. 


With Sage + Cedar Learning, my goal is to provide an open and welcoming space for learners and instructors to share nature-centered  or health/wellness-focused courses with the community.

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