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Smudging Basics

Learn how to use smudging or smoke cleansing to purify a space, object, or person. A powerful cleansing technique from the native North American tradition. This course shows you how to call on the spirits of the sacred plants to drive away negative energies and restore balance. Doing a spiritual spring cleaning is great for prayers, meditations, and ceremonies. 


Traveling Trees Nature Series

Perfect for early education kiddos, this six-week nature series covers one fun topic each week. Each class is 30 minutes long with a nature-themed topic and interactive activity—planting the seed of love for nature and animals at a young age. Topics include trees, soil, plant medicine, campfires and safety, animal tracks, and birds.  

Herbal Tea

Teas & Tinctures

Teas and tinctures are two of the most common ways to accept the medicine and healing of plants. Learn about the various herbs and their healing powers so your tea and tincture blends complement what your body needs most. From nature to your tea cup, this course is great for getting more than just a warm beverage.

Natural Medicine

Indigenous Plant Medicine

Learn about the four sacred medicines common to Native American tribes and how they were used to heal. Connected to the medicine wheel ideologies, these plant medicines have deep roots in indigenous cultures and practices. Learn the history and practice harvesting with intention and gratitude. 

Medicinal Herb

Nature's Pharmacy

Enjoying the great outdoors and forgot your first-aid kit? Learn how to recognize and use nature's pharmacy around you. This course will teach you about 5 plants/herbs that can be used as your first-aid responder when your local Walgreens is no where in sight.

Mason jars

Canning 101

Always wanted to know why canned products are expensive and how to do it yourself? Come learn about the labor of love that can feed you throughout the year. This is an entry-level canning course where you will learn about the standard methods of canning and the supplies needed. Upon completion, you will leave with a handful of canned goods you participated in creating. 

Red Doors

Build Your Own Door

Build your own small (6" x 12") door from idea to finished product. Guided as you build, you cultivate ownership over the thoughts, experiences, and satisfactions you feel as you go through your creative process. This reflective workshop can be as crafty or artsy as you like. Great for youth, adults, retreats, or just as a fun gathering activity. 

Picnic After Camping

Camping 101 for Kids

Want to share camping basics with your kids, but could use a camping 101 refresher? This class is a great way to learn with your kids the simple camping necessities that make your nature adventures memorable and less stressful. This course teaches how to cook by campfire, explores fun and easy outdoor activities great for camping, and how to identify plants that could be enjoyed—and which ones to avoid.

Axe in Tree Stump

Outdoors 101 & Hacks

Kick your outdoor adventures up a notch by learning some simple hacks and how-to-do methods in a variety of nature-centered activities. From building a fire, repelling bugs, and cooking meals that go beyond hotdogs and s'mores, this is a great way to learn about working with Mother Nature instead of doing things the hard way. Sometimes you just don't want to pack all your outdoor gadgets to enjoy the simple pleasures of nature.

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